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Oxford Mindfulness aims to collaborate not compete in the field of mindfulness. Where others are aligned to our values and partnerships are mutually beneficial, we believe co-working will provide the best service to the field therefore we actively encourage this approach.

Teacher Partnership Programme with Oxford Mindfulness

At Oxford Mindfulness we have made a commitment to support the field by increasing accessibility to MBCT courses.  The Teacher Partnership Programme outlined below is intended to provide a way to support this vision on a wider platform than we have attempted before.  We are therefore inviting Oxford Mindfulness trained teachers currently teaching MBCT courses, including Mindfulness Based cognitive Therapy (MBCT); Mindfulness: MBCT for Life; Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World; Mindfulness: Taking your Learning Further and Mindfulness; Childbirth and Parenting etc to deliver their teaching via the Teacher Partnership Programme.

Our overall vision and objective with this Partnership Programme is to increase accessibility in 5 key areas:

  1. Increase access to MBCT courses – By listing MBCT courses on the Oxford Mindfulness website the Partnership Programme will provide support and structure to MBCT teachers, enabling their courses to be visible to a much wider network.
  2. Increase access to apprenticeship placements – Teachers joining the programme will be required (where they are suitability experienced) to offer apprenticeship opportunities to teachers in training with Oxford Mindfulness.
  3. Increase access to research – The courses offered via the Partnership Programme will be part of a wider research programme. Course participants will be asked to give consent to be contacted by the research team at Oxford Mindfulness. Participation in research projects will be voluntary and typically include completing pre and post course questionnaires.
  4. Increase access to teaching feedback – The feedback gathered from course participants will be skilfully structured around the MBI:TAC and other key performance and quality indicators which will be designed in collaboration with field colleagues. Teachers will be able to download feedback and compare their feedback to anonymised, collective feedback from others in the Partnership Programme.
  5. Increase access to a network of teacher support – Teachers on the Partnership Programme will be part of the Oxford Mindfulness Community. Oxford Mindfulness will host annual Partnership Programme gatherings which will share key research findings; curriculum development updates; updates on field developments and an opportunity to come together as a community and practice.

Terms and Conditions of Partnership Programme Membership:

Mindfulness teachers who meet all the below criteria are eligible to apply:

  1. Undertaken MBCT Teacher Training with Oxford Mindfulness
  2. Have taught two MBCT courses under supervision
  3. Have received a minimum of 20 supervision sessions for mindfulness teaching
  4. Have liability insurance that covers your mindfulness teaching

Applications need to be endorsed with a written statement from a mindfulness supervisor who confirms the applicant meets the above criteria and is ready to teach.

Teachers who have not trained with Oxford Mindfulness but have completed a 12-month supervised training pathway with one of the ACCESSMBCT’s recognised MBCT Training Centres can join our expression of interest list.  We will update those on the expression of interest list with any developments to expand membership beyond Oxford Mindfulness trained teachers (this is currently under review).

Being a member of the Oxford Mindfulness Teacher Partnership Programme is not simply a way to recruit participants to courses, it is a commitment to be an active member of a global teaching and research community.  Key principles of membership are described in the table below:

* Teaching ratio guidance for MBCT courses.

At Oxford Mindfulness we recommend the below maximum teaching ratios

We ask that those teaching via the Oxford Mindfulness Teaching Partnership Programme are aligned with the teacher:participant ratios to bring consistency to the field when offering MBCT courses.  There may be circumstances where these ratios are lower (possibly due to recruitment issues) or higher (possibly due to demand and need). However, we trust teachers in this Partnership Programme to make a judgement on ratios based on the circumstances of each course, considering location, support, population etc and not exceed the maximum ratio recommended without strong justification and discussion with their mindfulness supervisor.

Renewal / Cancellation

Partnership Programme membership is renewed each year without an annual application / membership fee so long as the terms of membership are being met.

Oxford Mindfulness reserves the right to cancel membership.  Any cancellation would always involve communication with the member.  Reasons for cancelation could include:

  1. Partner not aligning to / meeting all key principles of membership
  2. Feedback from participants indicating poor teaching quality
  3. Supervisors withdrawing support for teacher membership
  4. Concerns within Oxford Mindfulness regarding teaching or conduct


While the Oxford Mindfulness Partnership Programme is not intended or structured to be a profit-making initiative within Oxford Mindfulness, it does need to cover the costs of administering the programme.  In keeping with our commitment to accessibility, we have designed a sliding scale of fees.  There are two fees elements as part of the Partnership Programme:

One-off initial assessment and membership fee

This one-off fee pays for the administrative work within Oxford Mindfulness to review your initial application to join the Partnership Programme.  This includes reviewing your application, adding you to the website etc. and introducing you to the Oxford Mindfulness system which includes an electronic ‘participant management’ functionality.

As this is a new initiative for Oxford Mindfulness and the field, we will be monitoring whether the Partnership Programme is meeting its stated aims and contributing effectively to the field.  If the Partnership Programme does not meet its aims and contribute to the field, it will be discontinued.  The initial fee is non-refundable, however we have made a commitment to run this programme to March 2021 after which there will be a formal review.

The fee for the initial application is tiered to support teachers to join the programme:

  1. £120.00 – Supporting Rate – is over and above the operating costs but supports others less financially able to join
  2. £100.00 – Standard Rate – covers all operating costs to process the application
  3. £80.00 – Supported Rate – is less than the operating costs but has been subsidised by others who have paid the ‘Supporting Rate’

Fee to list courses via Oxford Mindfulness

The on-going financing of the Partnership Programme is achieved by a ‘listing charge’ for each course which is listed using the Oxford Mindfulness booking system.

For the most equitable financial structure we have adopted a model of charging each teacher a variable listing charge per course listed.  The listing charge per course is the same fee the teacher charges one participant to attend that particular course.  To allow for regional variations and different populations, the participant fee to join courses is set by the teacher, not Oxford Mindfulness.  Therefore, the listing charge payable to Oxford Mindfulness will vary based on the participant fee to join each course i.e if the course participants are charged an average of £200 per place, the listing charge payable to Oxford Mindfulness for that course will be £200.  If there are different participant fees to join a course, the average participant fee is payable as the listing charge.

We believe this system will increase accessibility and better allow teachers operating in a range of economic areas to join the programme.

Oxford Mindfulness will promote all courses as part of its ongoing communication strategies but does not guarantee recruitment.  The fee is not connected to course occupancy levels but will be refunded if you cancel your course.

Partnership Programme teachers are free to run courses outside the partnership agreement. However, only courses offered via the OMC partnership can hold any promotional connection to the OMC. Partnership status (including teacher bio and certificates etc) should not be affiliated or connected in any way to courses or events being offered outside of the partnership structure.

All members will be offered an Oxford Mindfulness Teacher Partner logo along with guidance on how members can communicate their membership status.

Having read more about the vision, key principles and terms of the partnership, if would now like to join then please do follow the link to formally apply. We will review your application and collaborate with you to support your programme membership.

Apply to be an Oxford Mindfulness Teaching Partner:

Apply Here

Organisational Partners 


ACCESS MBCT is an international listing of professionals who are committed to excellence in the delivery, training and dissemination of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy.

Led by Zindel Segal, Oxford Mindfulness and a wonderful group of colleagues we developed this freely available, searchable, standards-based international registry of MBCT therapists / teachers that will allow members of the public to find MBCT therapists who practice in their community.  For more info see the website.


Eventslist aims to bring all quality mindfulness events onto one platform for the ease of teachers and participants globally.  Criteria is aligned with the Good Practice Guidelines helping to maintain the quality of the listings.

Oxford Mindfulness is one of many partner organisations who has committed to displaying all their events on

The Mindfulness Network

We have partnered with the Mindfulness Network as a recommended organisation for supervision. Their supervisors meet not only the UK Network’s Good Practice Guidelines for Supervisors but also their own additional stringent requirements.

For further information and to find a supervisor please visit their website.

SITT Group

The OMC supports the SiTT (Support for Integrity in Teaching and Training) Group which offers space for Mindfulness Teachers to come together in practice and peer reflection. Members of the SiTT Community connect at monthly group meetings, community days and other events, supporting one another to meet ongoing Good Practice Guidelines.

To set up a SiTT Group in your area or to find out more please contact Sophie Sansom via